The Rhine offers beautiful sights

Experience the dreamlike landscape along the Rhine with its vineyards and forests, historic Rhens, its town wall, towers and gates, the Königsstuhl and many beautiful old half-timbered houses.

World Cultural Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley
The Upper Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage Site offers you numerous romantic towns and well-preserved castles that invite you to visit, e.g. Marksburg Castle, Stolzenfels Castle, Ehrenbreitstein Fortress and Lahneck Castle.

We are an ideal starting point for extensive hiking tours, impressive boat trips, sightseeing and much more.

Rhine & Moselle

Enjoy the beautiful Middle Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002:

  • with its many castles and palaces,
  • the magnificent river landscape of the Rhine,
  • the extensive vineyards and forests,
  • the historic Rhens, its town wall, towers and town gates, the Königsstuhl and many beautiful half-timbered houses
  • the friendly, familiar atmosphere and Rhenish cheerfulness


Relax on a boat trip on the Rhine or take a bike tour along the Rhine and forget the stress of everyday life!

Rhens is the ideal starting point for your journey of discovery along the Rhine. From here you can be in Koblenz or Boppard in 10 minutes, whether for a shopping trip or to get to know the city.

The Rhenser Königsstuhl, Marksburg Castle, Stolzenfels Castle, Ehrenbreitstein Fortress and Lahneck Castle are in the immediate vicinity.

It is also not far to the other castles and palaces on the Rhine and Moselle.

In the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley from Koblenz to Bingen, you have a multitude of castles and historic towns within a short distance.

The Loreley Valley - beautiful, shrouded in legend and steeped in history.

Weinrebe mit Fachwerk


In the Middle Ages, the small town of Rhens near Koblenz was a focal point for the "western" powers of the German Empire - a neutral spot where the bishops of Cologne, Trier and Mainz as well as the Palatine Elector met to coordinate a common power policy, especially in the election of kings. Once situated at the four-country corner of the Rhenish electors, the place became famous in 1338 through the Kurverein of Rhense, which decided here on the king's independence from the Pope's blessing.

As early as 1273, preliminary discussions for the election of Rudolf of Habsburg as emperor took place there. At the beginning of the 14th century, further meetings took place, for example to procure the crown for Duke Ludwig of Bavaria.

The first real royal election in Rhens took place in 1346. Charles IV was elected Roman king and had the royal chair erected with a "steynen gestuel". However, with two exceptions - in 1400 Ruprecht of the Palatinate was still proclaimed king in Rhens - the elections remained in Frankfurt am Main. The kings only made one stopover in Rhens on their way from Frankfurt to Aachen, the place of their coronation. Destroyed at the end of the 18th century, today's Königsstuhl was rebuilt in 1842 and moved from its former location in a walnut orchard in the Rhine meadows to the hill near the road to Waldesch in 1929.

Also worth seeing in Rhens is the old town, which, with its many beautiful half-timbered buildings from the 16th and 17th centuries, beams, carvings, oriels and archways, lies closed in the largely preserved town wall. The half-timbered town hall dating from 1514, the old parish church, the sharp tower and the carbonated mineral spring (Rhenser Mineralbrunnen) are also particularly noteworthy.


In Koblenz, about 10 km away, it is worth visiting Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, a fortification that has existed since the 16th century, originally a Electorate of Trier, later a Prussian fortification, from where you have a beautiful view of the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle.

You should also visit the headland at the mouth of the Moselle into the Rhine, the Deutsches Eck, with its monument to Emperor Wilhelm I. Beautiful squares and alleys in Koblenz's old town invite you to stroll and linger.

Between Koblenz and Rhens, opposite the mouth of the Lahn, the Stolzenfels Castle stands above the Koblenz district named after it, a neo-Gothic castle that is considered the outstanding work of Rhine Romanticism.

Bopparder Hamm


Approx. 10 km from Rhens in a southerly direction, many sights also await you in Boppard. The Roman fortification from the 4th century AD, the medieval town wall, the electoral castle and impressive churches offer visitors the opportunity to spend an eventful day in addition to a beautiful shopping street.

Hike or take the chairlift to the Vierseenblick on the Boppard Heights and enjoy the beautiful view of the largest loop of the Rhine, which at this vantage point appears as if it were four separate lakes due to overlapping slate slopes.

Experience the surroundings on the move

Relax on a boat trip on the Rhine and spend a relaxing day on holiday. From the landing stages not far from the hotel, trips are offered as far as Koblenz or in the direction of Rüdesheim. In summer, the paddle steamer "Goethe" creates the right nostalgic ambience for the historic castles and romantic little towns you pass.

The Rhine Valley offers you the opportunity for a hiking holiday at a high level. The Rhine Castle Hiking Trail stops in Rhens on its way between Koblenz and Bingen. A network of dream trails criss-crosses the Rhine-Moselle-Eifel region and invites you to discover the magnificent landscape with its rich natural monuments and cultural beauties.

The attractive circular hiking trails in day-trip format lead through dense forest and volcanic landscape, over high plateaus and steep vineyard slopes, past medieval castles and fortresses and present spectacular views of the Rhine and Moselle valleys. From our house you can directly enter the dream trail "Wolfsdelle", which leads you on historical tracks to the legendary Königsstuhl. The entrance to the "Rheingoldbogen" dream trail is in the neighbouring village of Brey. Here you walk in the footsteps of the Romans and winegrowing, through a varied landscape, past well-tended vines and rustic hedges.


The German Hiking Association has set nationwide quality standards with the "Qualitätsgastgeber Wanderbares Deutschland" (Quality Host Wanderable Germany) and awarded particularly hiking-friendly accommodation and catering establishments in Germany, among which we may count ourselves.

Quality promise for hiking guests

These quality promises are only an excerpt from the 23 core criteria that we fulfil as a quality host Wanderbares Deutschland. In addition, we provide at least 9 optional criteria. Talk to us about our other services:

  • We offer a drying room for equipment and clothing and lend out shoe cleaning equipment.
  • We keep you informed about the weather.
  • We have storage trays for your hiking boots.
  • We are also happy to accommodate hikers at short notice and for just one night.
  • We are knowledgeable about hiking and have staff who are informed about hiking offers and can provide individual information.
  • We offer route suggestions for local hikes and tour advice with additional information material.
  • We have information for you on local and regional attractions.
  • We offer a reservation service for the next accommodation and night.
  • We organise a pick-up and drop-off service to hiking trails for you.
  • We offer luggage transport to the next accommodation.


"Qualitätsgastgeber Wanderbares Deutschland" is an initiative of the German Hiking Association in cooperation with regional partners. You can find the complete catalogue of criteria, further information and all awarded hosts at:

German Ramblers' Association Wilhelmshöher Allee 157-159 34121 Kassel

Hikes directly from the house:

Dream Trail Wolfsdelle
Rheingoldbogen Dream Trail
Rhine Castle Trail Koblenz - Rhens
Rhine Castles Trail from Rhens - Bad Salzig

Whether along the Rhine or cross-country over the Rhine heights, the Rhine Valley has something to offer for everyone. The cyclist can enjoy the ride along the Rhine on the well-developed Rhine bank path, past the castles and palaces of the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley. Those who prefer a more sporty ride will enjoy cycling up the Rhine hills on a mountain bike, through shady forests and sunny vineyards.

Tours to the Lahn and the Moselle are also suitable for day trips.

We have a drying room for soaked hiking, cycling or motorbike clothes. The possibility of using a washing machine and dryer round off the overall package. Suitable free storage facilities are available for bicycles and motorbikes.

For all bikers, motorcyclists and lovers of motorised two-wheelers, Rhens with its location on the Middle Rhine offers the ideal starting point for extended and entertaining motorbike tours. You start directly from the hotel to the most beautiful regions around the Rhine, Moselle and Lahn. Whether Hunsrück, Taunus, Eifel or Westerwald - the scenic and varied touring possibilities inspire every motorcyclist. Winding serpentine roads in the mountain ranges of the low mountain ranges make every motorcyclist's heart beat faster. A special highlight for speed-loving bikers is a visit to Germany's most popular race track - the Nürburgring in the Eifel.

We have a drying room for soaked hiking, cycling or motorbike clothes. The possibility of using a washing machine and dryer round off the overall package. Suitable free storage facilities are available for bicycles and motorbikes.